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Use and Storage of Phystandard Reference Standards

To serve its intended purpose, each Phystandard Reference Standard must be properly stored, handled, and used.

Suitability for Use

Users must ascertain that the Reference Standards they are using are a "Current lot" or a "Previous lot" within the valid use date. Current and previous lot information is available in the Reference Standards listings and catalog.

Users must determine the suitability of Reference Standards for applications and uses not in the Food Chemicals Codex, or Dietary Supplements Compendium. Any other non-specified compendial use is at the User’s sole risk and expense. Phystandard Reference Standards are not intended for use as drugs, dietary supplements, or medical devices.

Directions on the Label of the Reference Standard

Directions for storage and use are on the label of each Reference Standard. These directions are lot-specific and take precedence over any other indications in the corresponding documentary standards. The label includes safety warnings, required information for controlled substances, and calculation values for standards with quantitative applications. For calibrators, acceptance ranges are provided. Where necessary, Phystandard Reference Standards are shipped with additional technical data sheets.


Ensure that Phystandard Reference Standards are stored in their original stoppered containers away from heat and humidity and protected from light. Follow any special label directions.


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