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Welcome to SHENZHEN PHYSTANDARD BIO-TECH, we are one of leading company in China to supply Pharmaceutical Impurities,Medicine Intermediates and Herbal Reference Materials. Our organic chemical laboratory was established in 2013, occupied an area of 300 squre meters, equipped with international leading analysis instruments such as GC, GC/MS, LC, HRMS, LC-ITMS, NMR and IR etc.,; 5 doctors at home/abroad converged here to form the core of our technology team, their vast researching experience and globlization vision brought us to the high-speed way of development; the rest of researchers also have many years of working experience in universities, resarching institutions or large manufacturing enterprises, it ensures that we are able to successfully get target in shorter time. We have built long-term and deep relationship with Plant Researching Institution of China, we are able to supply more than four thousand of stocked herbal reference materials at reasonable cost. 

Products and service we are specialized in:
1. Pharmaceutical Impurities, Medicine Intermediates /API and improvement of medicine process;
2. Herbal Reference Materials;
3. Fine Chemicals synthesis, the application of immobilization catalyst in biomimetic catalysis.
4. Natural product activity researching and drug chromatographic analysis;

In 2014, we have successfully developed full scale of impurities for some new drugs, meanwhile, we conducted multi-level and effective research on chemistry and biology, has acheived fruitful result. 

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Pharmaceutical Impurities